Newsletter | 校園通訊第27期,歡迎鎖定!



On March 31st, the Student Meeting of the senior high school was held, with SAO head Hong Chuanmu presiding. At the meeting, BRS Executive Principal Heng Xiaojun clearly outlined students’ daily performance problems persisting since the beginning of this semester and affirmed the guiding requirements of “strengthening moral education and strictly enforcing school rules and disciplines”. He also reinforced BRS Principal Wang Guangfa’s past and continuing emphasis on the regulations regarding mobile phone management and education punishment policies issued by the Ministry of Education. All students are entreated to focus primarily on learning; to obey the campus management policies; to develop best-behavior habits; to strive to adhere to WASC-endorsed standards; to live up to the expectations of one’s parents, teachers and campus philosophy; and to actively join in creating a positive and solid learning atmosphere.



On March 29th, the first Homeroom Teachers’ Meeting of this semester was held in the Auditorium Conference Room. The head of SAO Mr. Hong Chuanmu presided over the meeting and BRS Executive President Mr. Heng Xiaojun, BRS Vice President Ms. Yu Yao and Mr. Wang Jinsong also attended the meeting and addressed the attendees. All homeroom teachers participated in group discussion regarding three core student issues: learning motivation, behavior habits and students’ sense of discipline. They conducted an in-depth brainstorming and discussion session, summarizing and exchanging opinions.